Android Q Enterprise Features for EMM Admin

This is a brief analysis on the upcoming Android Enterprise Features in Android Q. Read the full notes here. Google has a habit of silently updating those documents, so I expect to update this post once subsequent iterations of Beta are released. The below is my sole opinion, and I welcome hearing yours. NB: it... Continue Reading →

Does Android P private DNS really contribute to privacy? Or to Enterprise control?

Private DNS is a new feature in Android P, which allows you to globally override the DNS settings (received from your carrier, hotspot provider etc.). This means that the said carrier's or provider's DNS servers will not be able to log your browsing habits. Read more here (Android Police). This looks like privacy, but isn't... Continue Reading →

Android training (Workshop)

Wondering why there are no Wi-Fi posts? I was busy developng a special Android training! (see my disclaimer page for any questions). Android is currently perceived as the next enterprise mobile OS, thanks to broad user acceptance and source availability. With major vendors like Motorola and Honeywell releasing Android-based products and slowing (if not terminating)... Continue Reading →

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