A resource for EMM people out there

This will be a short one. If you are into EMM and Enterprise Mobility in general, and looking for technical community that is not vendor-biased (and find existing LinkedIn a bit low on activity)  - check out https://emm.how/ It is a community of tech experts discussing platform and vendor-specific subjects: from implementation details for particular use... Continue Reading →

Sorting out Android Enterprise management terminology

Android Enterprise evolves at a rapid pace. As an inevitable result, there is a trail of confusion with terms being introduced or changing meaning often. Can you tell the difference between the following: Device Policy Controller, Device Administration API, Device Owner, Device Policy Manager, User Manager, Android Management API, Profile Owner? Let’s sort it out... Continue Reading →

Do non-overlapping channels overlap?

We all know the "non-overlapping" channels 1/6/11 in 2.4GHz (5GHz matter is similar). Do they really not overlap? I keep bumping into this in conversations, and would like to create a point of reference (with pictures) instead of having to repeat same old over and over. Since we a dealing with broadband technology, the signal... Continue Reading →

What 802.11ax is not

I normally do not publish the "link to" posts, preferring to share on LinkedIn, but Devin Akin well deserves it. Matches my perspective 98%+, especially the point on 802.11ac stillborn MU-MIMO. Preamble: Aerohive has released the first 802.11ax APs (the official 802.11ax standard spec is not final yet) - so expect the marketing race. TL... Continue Reading →

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