Integrating Workspace ONE reporting with PowerBI

Last week one of my customers asked if Workspace ONE data could be used in PowerBI. Since Workspace ONE Intelligence Reports are included in every WS1 edition and are accessible via API - this is the easiest way to expose data to external systems. But how exactly? Even though I've never used PowerBI before, after... Continue Reading →

Adding FIDO2 + Windows Hello fingerprint auth to Workspace ONE

This will be a short "recipe" type of post on how to showcase a new feature that was introduced in latest Workspace ONE Access SaaS release (sorry, no news for on prem now): FIDO2 auth. The video shows Yubikey, which I don't have, so I will be using Windows Hello (which in turn will use... Continue Reading →

App version management in Android Enterprise – Managed Play Closed Tracks and their nuances

If you think my titles are wordy, check the official title of good old Robinson Crusoe! Anyway, today we will look at two important things: Using Managed Google Play feature called Closed Tracks to control app versions and update cycles in two scenarios:Multiple "deployment rings" for different device groupsDeveloper having customers with different update cyclesImportant... Continue Reading →

Android 11 COPE and the end of Internal apps

We know about the changes to Android 11 COPE, and how they affect the EMMs. One aspect that was slightly overlooked though, is what happens to Internal apps, which many organizations are still employing. We have recently released a KB, which caused a bit of panic between customers and colleagues. Let’s dive deeper and see... Continue Reading →

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