The CLOUD Act – can Americans be trusted in Europe?

This week I've attended an event and one of the other attendees has voiced an interesting thought, which deserves a brief footnote here, for future reference. Since March 2018 the US Government had passed the so called Cloud Act, which basically "allows federal law enforcement to compel U.S.-based technology companies via warrant or subpoena to... Continue Reading →

Fighting the recent Apple DEP “vulnerability” with Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch)

There's been recently a wave of news along the  "OMG Apple DEP is insecure we are all doomed" line. While there is indeed a few flaws in Apple Device Enrollment Program, I want to show how to fight it with Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) in a simple 3-step process Step 1: Go to your DEP... Continue Reading →

What 802.11ax is not

I normally do not publish the "link to" posts, preferring to share on LinkedIn, but Devin Akin well deserves it. Matches my perspective 98%+, especially the point on 802.11ac stillborn MU-MIMO. Preamble: Aerohive has released the first 802.11ax APs (the official 802.11ax standard spec is not final yet) - so expect the marketing race. TL... Continue Reading →

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