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Mission Statement: I learned a lot from others. Time to give back.

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In this blog I am covering various aspects of IT that I deal or have dealt with: be it IT operations strategy, mobile computing, EMM/MDM, barcode scanning, web development, WLANs and networking, exploring OSes, fixing my computer or philosophizing and theorizing (commonly known as ‘analytics’).

Note that this is my personal blog, I’m not getting any money or direction on what I post here and how I put it. Thus, everything posted in this blog is my personal view and might differ from the official position of my employer, my government, my mother-in-law, or you, the Reader. I reserve the freedom to express myself how I see fit. So, read at your own risk. Feedback, of course, is welcome, and I agree that people have the right to disagree 🙂 Full disclaimer below.

Arsen Bandurian is currently helping the Digital Workspace transformation with the industry leader in this space – VMware  as a Pre-Sales Engineer specialist in End-User Computing (AirWatch, WorkSpace ONE, Identity Management, VDI).

Prior to that he spent 10 years with world’s leading enterprise B2B mobility vendor – Zebra Technologies (ex Motorola Solutions, ex Symbol Technologies) as a Pre-Sales Engineer and later driving the Enterprise Mobility and Wireless training worldwide (but mainly in Europe and North America) as a master instructor and training portfolio manager for Enterprise Android and Software. This included several intense years growing Enterprise Mobility and Wireless business in developing markets, analyzing customers’ business processes in places like drug freezers, ore smelters, airport runways and bank vaults, architecting fitting mobility solutions, proving ROI, and otherwise explaining why would anyone change their habits and spend serious budgets on this strange new thing called “Mobility”; while developing a strange affection for long sentences along the way.

Having 25+ years of IT experience, Arsen loves being on the bleeding edge of technology, but learned to be careful not to get cut with it (this mainly refers to vendor marketing, patchy documentation and unchecked sources). He is on a mission to spread this passionate skepticism to everyone around him.

More details and contact here: http://linkedin.com/in/profileab/

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