[Opinion] 2×2:2 MIMO in Smartphones

So, Broadcom announced a 2x2:2 (867Mbps) chip for mobile devices, which of course generated lots of excitement. Let's see: 867Mbps Wi-Fi, you say? Can you sustain such speed with your home Internet connection? Have you seen hotspots offering such a high-speed Internet? Do you have a RAID-enabled NAS at home for file transfers, since even... Continue Reading →

Wi-Fi Riddles: Faster speeds require weaker signals?

A discussion of my previous post in the 802.11 Wireless professionals group lead to a discovery of a new bit of overlooked knowledge! Many thanks to Eduard Garcia-Villegas and Mike Rex, who turned my attention to this one. Ever wondered why faster rates have smaller effective distance? It was always attributed to signal fading - higher rates... Continue Reading →

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