Watch your certificates when working with Apple devices!

A while ago a colleague turned to me for help. Customer tested iOS, Android and Win10 with a SCEP server. Win10 and Android had no issues, but on iOS the certificates failed to install with a cryptic error. I decided to write a blog about it, because I expect a second wave of such issues... Continue Reading →

VMware Launcher on Android Enterprise – nuances

I regularly get questions from customers and partners who used kiosk mode on older Device Admin devices with VMware (then AirWatch) Launcher, and have issues since they had migrated to Android Enterprise and Launcher 4.0+. In this post you will learn how to: Solve the most frequent (and annoying) issue when migrating Launcher setups to... Continue Reading →

Hidden TCPdump and ETHtool on VMware UAG

VMware UAG (Unified Access Gateway) is a cool little security appliance, deployable on vSphere, AWS, Azure etc that hosts a lot of Workspace ONE edge services: Horizon Proxy, Web Reverse Proxy, Tunnel VPN Gateway, Content Gateway and (since 3.6) the Secure Email Gateway. The challenge is that the thing was built to be headless and... Continue Reading →

Is Mobile in your comfort zone?

A colleague of mine shared this post on LinkedIn, about his recent mobile work experience. Conceptually, nothing in that post was really new - we could do the same 10+ years ago. So why are we still hearing then "I'll get this info to you when I get to the office" or similar replies? My... Continue Reading →

Sideloading iOS apps: the good, the bad, the ugly collection

This brief post is a collection of links on the matter of sideloading iOS apps, the consequences and how to prevent it. Mostly via pirates use Apple tech to put hacked apps on iPhones >> Between February 2016 and February 2017, 11% of enterprise iOS devices encountered a sideloaded app. > Wandera’s data... Continue Reading →

[iOS vs Android] OS and Application Updates

I frequently get this question from customers and partners: "How can I control Application and OS Updates in iOS and Android". So I'll drop a note here. Update management includes: Configuring the behaviour of OS upgrades (major), patches, public apps (via App/Play Store, VPP) and private apps (via App/Play Store or directly via EMM)Scheduling updates to happen (or... Continue Reading →

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