On Apple, Security by Obscurity and WS1 Trust Network.

In the last several weeks a number of bugs were found in Apple’s iOS, MacOS and protocols. This had coincided with a partner workshop last Friday, where the decisive argument was “Have you ever heard of an Antivirus for an iPhone“.

Apple is well known for refusing to publish any details behind the inner workings of its solutions, locking everything that may be locked down and suing all those who try to work around those limitations..

Despite all that, flaws are being found, iOS was jailbroken again (because Apple unpatched a fix they implemented in 12.3) and malware on App Store is just as common as everywhere else.

Security Researchers about Apple’s Security Through Obscurity

WorkSpace ONE Intelligence Custom Reports available + Free Trial of other features

Legacy AirWatch reports are being deprecated, and replaced by the next-generation Workspace ONE Intelligence Reporting. The point of this quick post is to provide a bullet-style quick overview and resources for further reading.


  1. they are cool, customizable, and free* (=included in all UEM v9.2.3+ license types ,  cloud and on-prem).
  2. There are even cooler features (custom dashboards, automation), which are premium, but a free 30-day trial is available.