Google Play Managed iFrame in Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) – App Collections

In two previous posts dedicated to the Managed Google Play iFrame we have covered Private Apps and Web Apps. The last feature of the iFrame interface is called Collections and allows you to organize the Work Play Store app layout, as well as shoot yourself in the foot a few times…


Google Play Managed iFrame in Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) – Web Apps

In the previous post I have covered adding Private apps via the Google Play Managed iFrame for Android Enterprise. This time let’s deal with the Web Apps (links, web clips).


Google Play Managed iFrame in Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) – Private Apps

In this post I will show a simple way to manage Private (Internal) Android Applications in Managed Play Store with WorkspaceONE UEM (AirWatch) using the Play Store Managed iFrame. This is important since it’s basically the only way to push Private apps to Android Enterprise Work Profile or COPE devices.


Do Android Enterprise and GMS mean the end of differentiation for Android Device and EMM vendors?

After publishing my post regarding tightening the screws on non-GMS devices and gradual move towards all-GMS in the Enterprise, I have received a response, which was very representative of what I was thinking last year, when digesting all the Android Enterprise news [formatting and edit by me]:

AOSP was or still is the major [vendor]  differentiator. With all these Android changes
1) it will be almost no matter what devices will be engaged
2) the role of 3rd party EMMs will go down. Google will be everywhere.
Do you feel it as a positive news?

Before looking any further, please pause and consider, how do you feel about that? Now, read on!