Remediate the Pixel4 and Galaxy S10 biometric security flaws with Workspace ONE

I am pretty sure you’ve heard already about the issues with Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor and Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock. Both companies have acknowledged the issues and committed to releasing the patches “soon” (Samsung is said to be testing fixes in certain countries already). What can you in the meantime? With Workspace ONE and Android Enterprise is it easy!


Apple iOS Update Management with WorkspaceONE UEM (AirWatch)

This practical entry briefly outlines how to force or defer OS Update for Apple iOS devices (iPhones, iPads). There are two completely opposite use cases for this:

  • Critical 0-day vulnerability – must force push OS Update to patch the devices
  • Business critical apps not tested with the latest iOS update – must delay/disallow update before testing. This is a better known challenge to Apple device managers, since typically user is allowed to update manually.

Fighting the recent Apple DEP “vulnerability” with Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch)

There’s been recently a wave of news along the  “OMG Apple DEP is insecure we are all doomed” line. While there is indeed a few flaws in Apple Device Enrollment Program, I want to show how to fight it with Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) in a simple 3-step process

Step 1: Go to your DEP profile in Settings -> Devices -> Apple -> Device Enrollment Program

Step 2: Ensure Authentication is ON


Step 3: You are done. Really, this “vulnerability” is only serious in two cases:

  • Using no authentication, implicitly trusting anything that comes from the Internet over DEP
  • Staging (specifically using the staging process with the staging user) sensitive information – certificates, etc. Just don’t – have all the sensitive bits assigned to the end-user who has to authenticate.

So, now you are armed with knowledge!

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