VMware Launcher on Android Enterprise – nuances

I regularly get questions from customers and partners who used kiosk mode on older Device Admin devices with VMware (then AirWatch) Launcher, and have issues since they had migrated to Android Enterprise and Launcher 4.0+. In this post you will learn how to: Solve the most frequent (and annoying) issue when migrating Launcher setups to... Continue Reading →

Remediate the Pixel4 and Galaxy S10 biometric security flaws with Workspace ONE

I am pretty sure you've heard already about the issues with Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor and Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock. Both companies have acknowledged the issues and committed to releasing the patches "soon" (Samsung is said to be testing fixes in certain countries already). What can you in the meantime? With Workspace ONE... Continue Reading →

Oracle Java licensing in Workspace ONE

Multiple components of Workspace ONE are build using the Java platform. I've received several questions from customers this week regarding the nearing EOL of Oracle Java and the related licensing changes. I hope this post will be useful to others having this issue. First of all, VMware had already posted a blog on this matter... Continue Reading →

New Workspace ONE 19.x Open Enrollment Trainings!

Our training colleagues have just posted the schedule for the NEW open enrollment trainings on Workspace ONE 19.x! Including the Live Online options for those who prefer not to travel (cloud solutions are awesome). See the schedules and links below. Which one would you take? I am planning to attend the troubleshooting one! Workspace ONE:... Continue Reading →

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