Applying Zebra MX advanced device settings via SOTI EMM

Zebra devices have a cool set of extensions called MX. It can do tons of things. But, can we expect every EMM vendor to timely implement them natively in their consoles? SOTI EMM/MDM is one such good example, as UI there is quite limited. However, SOTI has a very powerful tool called SOTIscript. I have... Continue Reading →

Changing Android device settings unavailable in SOTI native GUI

With most MDM/EMM solutions you are limited to whatever options are available in the GUI (I'm looking at you, AirWatch). SOTI in this regard looks weird, since the number of settings is not particularly rich, which makes it seem limited. However, SOTI has the super-awesome SOTIscript, and SOTIscript has a number of super-awesome  (but barely documented)... Continue Reading →

SOTI Pocket Controller and Android 6 Marshmallow. Sad :(

TL:DR - RIP SOTI PocketController, does not work with M+ and the official SOTI reply is "not supported anymore". Anyone knows another stable tool? Android (compared to WM/CE) always had problems with remote control applications. In WM/CE the remote screen/mouse/keyboard functionality was a part of ActiveSync protocol. So there was plenty of tools differing mainly... Continue Reading →

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