Applying Zebra MX advanced device settings via SOTI EMM

Zebra devices have a cool set of extensions called MX. It can do tons of things. But, can we expect every EMM vendor to timely implement them natively in their consoles? SOTI EMM/MDM is one such good example, as UI there is quite limited. However, SOTI has a very powerful tool called SOTIscript. I have... Continue Reading →

Changing Android device settings unavailable in SOTI native GUI

With most MDM/EMM solutions you are limited to whatever options are available in the GUI (I'm looking at you, AirWatch).¬†SOTI in this regard looks weird, since the number of settings is not particularly rich, which makes it seem limited. However, SOTI has the super-awesome SOTIscript, and SOTIscript has a number of super-awesome¬† (but barely documented)... Continue Reading →

SOTI Pocket Controller and Android 6 Marshmallow. Sad :(

TL:DR - RIP SOTI PocketController, does not work with M+ and the official SOTI reply is "not supported anymore". Anyone knows another stable tool? Android (compared to WM/CE) always had problems with remote control applications. In WM/CE the remote screen/mouse/keyboard functionality was a part of ActiveSync protocol. So there was plenty of tools differing mainly... Continue Reading →

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