Sideloading iOS apps: the good, the bad, the ugly collection

This brief post is a collection of links on the matter of sideloading iOS apps, the consequences and how to prevent it. Mostly via pirates use Apple tech to put hacked apps on iPhones >> Between February 2016 and February 2017, 11% of enterprise iOS devices encountered a sideloaded app. > Wandera’s data... Continue Reading →

[iOS vs Android] OS and Application Updates

I frequently get this question from customers and partners: "How can I control Application and OS Updates in iOS and Android". So I'll drop a note here. Update management includes: Configuring the behaviour of OS upgrades (major), patches, public apps (via App/Play Store, VPP) and private apps (via App/Play Store or directly via EMM)Scheduling updates to happen (or... Continue Reading →

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