Android Q Enterprise Features for EMM Admin

This is a brief analysis on the upcoming Android Enterprise Features in Android Q. Read the full notes here. Google has a habit of silently updating those documents, so I expect to update this post once subsequent iterations of Beta are released. The below is my sole opinion, and I welcome hearing yours. NB: it... Continue Reading →

[iOS vs Android] OS and Application Updates

I frequently get this question from customers and partners: "How can I control Application and OS Updates in iOS and Android". So I'll drop a note here. Update management includes: Configuring the behaviour of OS upgrades (major), patches, public apps (via App/Play Store, VPP) and private apps (via App/Play Store or directly via EMM)Scheduling updates to happen (or... Continue Reading →

Lockdown in Android Enterprise (Android P DP1)

I’ve previously covered the BYOD experience in Android P, now let’s delve into corporate-owned scenarios. My attempt to cover everything in a single long post had failed, so I’m splitting this into a series. Today we’re covering lockdown. Retrospective Early Android ideology assumed that device lockdown should be impossible. After all, here’s how ransomware works... Continue Reading →

Sorting out Android Enterprise management terminology

Android Enterprise evolves at a rapid pace. As an inevitable result, there is a trail of confusion with terms being introduced or changing meaning often. Can you tell the difference between the following: Device Policy Controller, Device Administration API, Device Owner, Device Policy Manager, User Manager, Android Management API, Profile Owner? Let’s sort it out... Continue Reading →

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