A resource for EMM people out there

This will be a short one.

If you are into EMM and Enterprise Mobility in general, and looking for technical community that is not vendor-biased (and find existing LinkedIn a bit low on activity)  – check out https://emm.how/

It is a community of tech experts discussing platform and vendor-specific subjects: from implementation details for particular use cases, to platform announcements.

I intend to use it a lot!

EMM-how Front Page
EMM.how front page



Changing Android device settings unavailable in SOTI native GUI

With most MDM/EMM solutions you are limited to whatever options are available in the GUI (I’m looking at you, AirWatch). SOTI in this regard looks weird, since the number of settings is not particularly rich, which makes it seem limited. However, SOTI has the super-awesome SOTIscript, and SOTIscript has a number of super-awesome  (but barely documented) script commands.

Today, we will take a look at how to use those commands to change (virtually) any Android OS setting available on your device via SOTI MDM.