Use compliance data in Azure AD Conditional Access policies by integrating Workspace ONE UEM with Microsoft

The title says it all! The feature has been available for a while in a closed preview status, but with 2008 it has moved to Public Preview! Similarly, Microsoft moved the APIs on their side to Public Preview as well, listing VMware Workspace ONE as the ONLY (currently) supported EMM. Needless to say, we are... Continue Reading →

Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Mainstream Support ends

Yesterday marked the end of support for WEH6.5 (based on WM6.5). Essentially, the support matrix for MS mobile OSes now looks like this: Coming up next is end of extended support for WM5.0 and end of mainstream support for CE7 (WEC7). For CE7 there is a direct replacement called WEC2013, but it has a number... Continue Reading →

Did Windows 10 annoucement bury WEHH8/8.1?

Now that Microsoft announced Windows 10 and everyone had their chance to marvel at the new-old Start Menu and the 'enhanced' Command Prompt, let's talk enterprise mobility impact. Windows 10 is positioned as the "One Windows for all devices". What happens to WEHH8[.1] and the recently released devices? Well, given that Microsoft has never offered... Continue Reading →

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