Android training (Workshop)

Wondering why there are no Wi-Fi posts? I was busy developng a special Android training! (see my disclaimer page for any questions).

1-pager Android Workshop

Android is currently perceived as the next enterprise mobile OS, thanks to broad user acceptance and source availability. With major vendors like Motorola and Honeywell releasing Android-based products and slowing (if not terminating) the development of WM/WEHH 6.5.x based product lines, extremely long delay of WEHH8 (that still has issues like incompatibility with 6.5 and dubious support cycle) the direction is quite clear. Thus, more and more WM customers and integrators will look towards Android. But there’s a problem…

There’s a lot of Android training available for application developers, quite less for embedded system developers, and  very little for admins and deployment engineers. The information is there, but it’s split into millions of tiny bits across millions places. So I tried to compile the most useful info into this 2-day workshop that goes about Android in general, and Motorola (see my disclaimer page) Android specifics in particular. It’s not exhaustive, since the ecosystem is still developing, but gathered good reviews from our TAs and trusted partners during the pilot.

Read the detailed course description here: MBS2014 Description (1.0.0-01R, 2014-05)

The course will be available shortly through the network of our Authorized Training Centers and the schedule will be published at

Do you know a good non-developer Android training?


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