2014 Stats – light reading

WordPress was helpful to build a summary report. Kind of.. Since I have the basic account, it appears, I get the most basic info. So I'll save you the hassle of watching fancy web animations, and just post a couple of pics here. All of them are clickable. Detailed stats show 11 500+ views, which... Continue Reading →

Bypassing Android security via backups (PSK recovery)

In my recent Android trainings and the Android security talk I gave at AppForum 2014 I was asked to provide a sort of a demo that can be easily replicated to explain the importance of maintaining a proper security posture. So I created a script that 'recovers' PSKs from the device and displays them. Before... Continue Reading →

JavaScript is powerful indeed :)

JavaScript just got a promotion in my esteem. I knew this stuff existed, but never seen one live until today. Now, I'm a lucky recipient of a JavaScript Virus! (well, not a real virus, but a downloader, nevertheless...). Read on for more details It all started with this message on GMail, that looked really funky... Continue Reading →

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