Oracle Java licensing in Workspace ONE

Multiple components of Workspace ONE are build using the Java platform. I’ve received several questions from customers this week regarding the nearing EOL of Oracle Java and the related licensing changes. I hope this post will be useful to others having this issue.

First of all, VMware had already posted a blog on this matter in 2018:

There is a statement there:

VMware has a commercial license and support agreement with Oracle for Java SE for Embedded Use and our commercial license allows for distribution until November 4, 2022.

However, some customers were concerned that is may have only covered VMware SDDC products or wanted more details. Again, read that blog, there are more details there, and this covers ALL of VMware, including Workspace ONE.

More specifically, I’ve turned to our product management and received the following response (don’t use it as a legal statement – this is a private blog you are reading)

VMware has purchased a license for extended support (which includes security patches) of Java JRE 8 until November 2022 for the embedded version of JRE (this means we will provide the Java updates via our packaged product installers).  This is what we are currently leveraging for Workspace ONE UEM products.

We are currently planning our roadmap and timelines for future support.

Basically this means that a customer can no longer update their Oracle JRE 8 version out of band of our product installers UNLESS they have their own enterprise license for Oracle JRE 8.  Additionally our license does not allow us to provide Oracle JRE 8 binaries or installers outside of our product.

Starting with 1909 our patch installer can upgrade the version of Oracle JRE deployed, and I guess in the future we will either move to OpenJDK or re-architect some products, based on the level of effort required.

I hope this info will be useful for on-premises customers. Again, for official statements use official channels, but if you just want to know the state of things, hope it was useful.


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