Remediate the Pixel4 and Galaxy S10 biometric security flaws with Workspace ONE

I am pretty sure you’ve heard already about the issues with Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor and Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock. Both companies have acknowledged the issues and committed to releasing the patches “soon” (Samsung is said to be testing fixes in certain countries already). What can you in the meantime? With Workspace ONE and Android Enterprise is it easy!

All you need to do is to adjust your Passcode payload in your Android profile(s) and apply to the relevant Org Group or Smart Group

Configure the passcode policy for any use case: WP, COPE COSU etc.

The settings you need are these:

Most of them require Android 9+, but this is not a problem for both SGS10 and Pixel4. Also note that you can separately configure them for Work Profile or the entire device (COPE/Work Managed scenarios) – so you have lots of flexibility.

This way you can remain safe until the patches arrive. Make sure to use the Hub Notification Builder (or the legacy UEM notifications and emails) to send a message to your users explaining why their comfortable features are temporarily unavailable!

Talking to the user is crucial. Notifications in Hub make it a lot smoother!

Thanks to Matt Bailey for providing idea for this post. You can send your suggestions too!


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