[WLAN] Motorola Solutions simplifies WING5 Licensing: free stuff

Is was around for a while, but now it’s official. Motorola (Solutions) simplifies licensing for it’s WING5 WLAN Platform. The following features are now free:



This is the client analytics (mainly for Retail and hospitality industry) so many were talking about. Allows offering guest access services to customers to understand user behavior by gathering information such as most visited web sites, common search terms over time, etc. Data is presented in the UI and also can be exported through RESTful API for extra analysis. This mostly works for captive portals, but also adds enhanced analytics and reporting to RF and WLAN status, traffic and configuration history tracking. Very useful feature available now for free, and can be played with on a VX9000 virtual controller.



Previously WING5 had two kinds of Wireless IPS: Basic (free) and Advanced (paid). Now, they are both combined into free “Enahnced” WIPS. The reason it’s called “Enhanced” is because not all features from Advanced WIPS are ported over yet (as of WiNG 5.6), but the most important ones (wireless and wired rogue detection, air termination, reporting) are there and run in distributed mode – i.e. it’s not controller-dependent. Thus, now Motorola offers 2 WIPS options: free Enhanced WIPS on-board of WING5 devices, and “big” ADSP solution which can be ran as a standalone product or co-hosted and integrated with WING5. The other one being incredibly more powerful, but not free, of course.




Well, a while ago I started complaining that Motorola’s WING5 becomes as complex as Aruba in terms of licensing (and Aruba actually, got a bit simpler since then), and here were are 🙂

P.S. The PMB numbers are 2447 and 2448.


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