WorkSpace ONE Intelligence Custom Reports available + Free Trial of other features

Legacy AirWatch reports are being deprecated, and replaced by the next-generation Workspace ONE Intelligence Reporting. The point of this quick post is to provide a bullet-style quick overview and resources for further reading.


  1. they are cool, customizable, and free* (=included in all UEM v9.2.3+ license types ,  cloud and on-prem).
  2. There are even cooler features (custom dashboards, automation), which are premium, but a free 30-day trial is available.

Quick overview:

  • Old reports offered little customization and were built into AirWatch console, making it harder to include data from other WS1 components, such as vIDM etc.
  • New reports utilize the ETL service (Extract, Transform, Load) to gather and combine together data from multiple WS1 components and enable full (almost) customization (canned pre-made reports are also available)
  • This allows for extended use cases:
    • Quickly identify issues that can negatively impact user experience and prioritize development efforts based on user impact
    • Discover the applications that are used the most and measure their impact to easily quantify ROI of app deployments
    • Track install base/app license usage
Workspace ONE Intelligence Custom Reports
  • New reports are a included with all license types (essentially, free)
    • UEM (AirWatch Console) 9.2.3+ required
  • Both cloud and on-premise are supported
  • Similar data is also available in WS1 Intelligence Custom Dashboards, a premium feature with a free trial available –  see below
    • Frequent uses cases often cited by customers: creating a dashboard and a report for tracking app licenses or Windows updates/patches
Workspace ONE Intelligence Custom Dashboards


Workspace ONE Intelligence full feature set free 30-day trial



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