Interesting stats on Android Security and AER Program [2019 Android Enterprise Summit]

During the Android Enterprise Partner Summit 2019 London (watch the link for the presentation decks when they come out) Google had shown some interesting graphs and charts based on their own stats and the research that HMD Global (Nokia) did in 2018. You can read the research for full details, and the rest of the pics are below. Sorry for the quality – those are photos from a fairly weird projection screen.

I don’t have much time to write long posts so will stick to the shorter format for the time being.

Android Security

Pwn2Own 0day Pricing: Android vs iOS

The Pwn2Own pricing is indicative of how hard is to crack the security of a device. As the below chart shows, Android had caught up.

Interesting note: iPhones are a lot harder to analyze that Android (no source code, no debug builds etc), which means that quite possibly there is a lot of simper iOS bugs that researchers just hadn’t noticed yet (read this Vice article for a fresh example).

Think security through obscurity works? A partner of ours had found a way to exfiltrate managed data via the iOS stock Calendar app w/o any exploits – just doing what any user would do! (Apple did not pay though)

Android Enterprise Recommended

HMD Global 2018 Survey

This graph is based on the aforementioned research from HMD Global from 2018 and I think the picture speaks for itself. The awareness is still low (same I see with my customers), which indicates that Google could do better on marketing. But those who are aware of AER and understand it can see the value clearly.

That’s it for today, but expect more in-depth technical coverage in the coming weeks: Android Q, changes to AER, Android Management API, Play Store and more!


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