2014 Stats – light reading

WordPress was helpful to build a summary report. Kind of.. Since I have the basic account, it appears, I get the most basic info.

So I’ll save you the hassle of watching fancy web animations, and just post a couple of pics here. All of them are clickable.


Detailed stats show 11 500+ views, which I find not too bad for a blog that’s less than a year old and has a very irregular posting pattern (I’ll work on it in 2015) 🙂 25 posts with 61 comments means 2.44 comments per post and 0.0053 comments per view. I have no idea whether these numbers are good or bad, I’d like to ask more senior blogging colleagues to comment if I should take an “Engaging writing” workshop 🙂


Top 10 posts (Top 11, really, since the home page also counts in WP stats). Clearly, can do better on Android. And many thanks to everyone from the WLAN community!


Final picture of the day: geography. No surprises here, with US and UK firmly in the lead. However, when I added up numbers across the rest of Europe (excl UK) I ended up above 4000 views – way to go!


In addition to it, the comrades from exUSSR space have scored just a bit shy of 900 views (chiefly from Russia and Ukraine). A good result, given that I stopped writing on Russian resources since when their new legislation allowed calling any online blogger a terrorist and taking “preventive” action even w/o trial. Those were the days, here’s a screenie of one of my more successful articles on the extremely popular habrahabr.ru (resulting vote, views [yep…], times favourited):


Anyway, wishing you all the best in the New Year!

P.S. Oh, and I’m now on Twitter (@arsenbn), but still have no idea how to use that thing productively.. Something to explore next year!


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