RFID Gen2 v1.2 and v2.0 standard specifications

Cover page of EPC Global Gen2 v2.0 standard
Cover page of EPC Global Gen2 v2.0 standard

Somehow, I missed the fact that EPC Global Gen2 v2.0 standard was passed end of last year (it appears, I missed a lot of things end of last year). Anyway, for those interested:

  • Here’s the v2.0 spec.
  • Here’s the v2.0 fact sheet (what’s new compared to v1.2 on a very high level).
  • Here’s the v1.2 spec (for in-depth comparison).
  • In 2014 the v2 spec should ratified as ISO/IEC 18000-63 standard.

The main enhancements are

  • Cryptographic authentication of tags and readers, to verify identity and provenance, reduce the risk of counterfeiting and unauthorized access.
  • Enhanced User Memory for supplementary encodings (such as maintenance logging) during a product’s life cycle.
  • Untraceable function to hide portions of data, restrict access privileges and reduce a tag’s read range.
  • “Non-removable” flag for embedded tagging of electronics and sewn-in tagging of apparel, to indicate that a tag cannot easily be removed without compromising the tagged product’s intended functionality

More information can be found on the GS1 Gen 2 page (EPC Global is a subsidiary of GS1). For those that are far away from the topic, the barcodes in supermarket, for example, are also standardised by GS1.