Should I attempt to uninstall Android bloatware? Android storage explained (or part of it)

There is a significant number of posts on the internet regarding how people hate bloatware that comes bundled with their devices, how it eats at their precious internal storage space and how they would want to uninstall it (which is impossible w/o rooting your device). While I agree with one’s right to hate the bloatware, everything else is a delusion. Let’s take a look.



Plan ‘W’ from outer space

There’s been a bit of fuss in the press around the Outernet project (  Long story short, they are promising free Internet, including wi-fi, to the world from low-earth orbit satellites, using broadcast model.  There is little to none no technical details, but there’s a form to accept donations. 🙂 Now, my feeling is that [at least with the current level of rhetoric vs level of detail provided] the key is in the last item. Let’s examine some of the statements, both on the mission and on the technical side.

Outernet connects everyone around the globe.