VMworld 2020 for free – what to expect?

VMworld 2020 is going to be a special one. Mainly because for once it’s free for all, and you don’t have to travel. The session catalog had been posted recently. Let’s explore what it has to offer for Digital Workspace and how much yon get with your free pass.

What can I see at VMworld 2020 for free?

Out of 634 total sessions, 83 are dedicated to Digital Workspace, which is consistent with the last year. Just as last year, they are split into 3 tracks:

  • Hybrid VDI (DWHV*) – all things about VDI, Horizon, UAG and interesting use cases
  • Modern Management (DWMM*) – this includes many things, not just Win10 Modern Management
  • Delivering Employee Experience (DWDE*) – this is where the synergies of various parts of the Workspace ONE platform are explored)

Some sessions require premier pass, which gives us the following final split

Hybrid VDI181331
Modern Management20929
Delivering Employee Experience18725
VMworld 2020 DW session split

Interestingly, all the premium sessions are Expert Roundtables (with an occasional exam prep). These are very useful if you want to get deep into the EUC tribal knowledge, but if you just want to know the new stuff – you aren’t losing much.

Further down was a section (were 2 sections, were 3 sections) with my top picks based on Topic, amount of customer conversations and feature requests, presenter and where generally the wind blows, but I just could not boil it down to anything manageable. So please see for yourself and let me know what you find interesting. I can highlight the main trends worth watching:

  • Both Google and Apple have announced many enterprise released improvements and changes respectively at Android Enterprise Summit 2020 (improvements to Play Store and Zero Touch, new COPE for Android 11), and WWDC2020 (esp for MacOS, and fail with Managed IDs/User Enrollment) , and there will be sessions that will talk about this.
  • In the Windows world, the topics of provisioning and GPOs always raises lots of questions from traditional PCLM admins – look for dedicated sessions that will cover these.
  • Intelligent Hub rapidly evolves from “just an MDM agent” into a full-blown productivity app with Notifications, Mobile Flows, Chatbots and lots of other things that employees use every day and that help change the perception of IT as “those guy that have a Deny All” policy towards “those guys that roll out cool and useful stuff that lets me do my job quicker”. There will be many sessions on many different levels, as well as sessions on specific mobile apps, SDK etc.
  • WS1 Intelligence is an interesting component that has a foot in every door – virtually every platform and every WS1 component has something in Intelligence, and there will be more. So I’d definitely check that out.
  • There are several sessions covering customer cases – I always like those as they provide interesting insights.

Which of these trends you find most interesting and relevant to you?

VMworld Session Catalog can be found here.


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