RIP AirWatch Container – move to Hub Registered Mode

Yesterday, the end of general support announcement for AW Container (the app) was posted in VMware KB effective as of August 9 2020. This is a long expected move, but I know that there are still customers out there using it on unmanaged devices for MAM only mode. What can they do to replace the legacy AW Container app? For a while now, the MAM only mode is supported directly in Hub and is called Hub Registered Mode.

What is Hub Registered Mode and how is it different?

Hub Registered Mode is an enrollment type that uses the same Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app, but does not initiate the MDM process. Basically, its the same MAM only mode, with catalog, SDK-enabled security options etc like with the old container Hub, except that user gets a more modern experience with modern Hub Catalog and other Hub Services, which look and feel same as on MDM Managed devices.

This makes life easier for both users and admins

  • For users
    • Users get the same UX on their company (MDM managed) and BYOD (managed or unmanaged) devices and can use the same app
    • Instead of the very old AirWatch catalog with just mobile apps and clunky UI users see the new unified Hub Catalog with Mobile, Web and Virtual apps combined.
    • Users get additional services such as People, Notifications, Mobile Flows etc. that are not available with legacy modes
  • For admins
    • Most importantly (I had already about 4 customer conversations in the last 3 months!) you don’t need to care about whole set of apps: Hub, Workspace ONE Catalog, AW Container etc – you only care about Hub from now on.
    • Similarly, you can shut down some portions of the legacy UEM console that you will not need, such as the legacy catalog/container sections, branding etc.
    • Instead you focus on a single front-end (the Hub app) and single back-end (Hub Services and the unified catalog in WS1 Access) for all your use cases.
    • All the SDK-based security options for MAM continue to work as before


Basically, it’s a win-win: no old features are lost, you get new features and less legacy stuff to worry about, users get better UX. I can’t currently think of a single case (except some really old devices, which will probably not be supported anyway) that require AW Container instead of Hub.

Hub Registered Mode is available on both iOS and Android . There is also a possibility of an in-place migration.

The picture on top provides a visual summary of current possible enrollment modes, as you can see “All you need is Hub! Hub is all you need!

Update / How do I make it happen?

Now you can read the official post on VMware TechZone: How to Enable Intelligent Hub and Workspace ONE Apps without Full Management

What are your thoughts? Have you been using Container at all? Have you already migrated to Hub?


4 thoughts on “RIP AirWatch Container – move to Hub Registered Mode

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  1. Hi Arsen, great article.

    Seamless migration path from Container to Hub is great. User just needs to install Hub and it takes over registration settings from Container to save the user to re-enroll.


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