Workspace ONE Notifications in Intelligent Hub – a real-life use case

A few weeks ago, like many others, we were hit by an O365 Exchange outage. What does usually an admin do, when something is down? -Send an email! But what do you do when email is also down? Ring/Text everyone? Blast it in Teams/Skype/Slack/etc? Pigeons?

This is what happened in our case with Workspace ONE Notifications API for Intelligent Hub.

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub notifications communicating O365 outage

Being a priority notification it just lands on top of the list, ensuring the users see it and react to it. Simple! The notifications can be triggered via API or tested first with the Notification Builder available in the Hub Services Console. Here are some sample screens, but you are welcome to test it yourself.

Notification Builder: several presets and audience choices are available
Notification Builder: choose from a template, or build a fully custom one with API-enabled buttons
Notification builder: preview

A grain of salt: currently the Notification Builder does not allow re-using notifications once they’ve been fired off. This should not be a great deal, since in most cases these notifications will be triggered via APIs, and you will only use this tool for testing and quick one-offs via the provided templates.


Notifications are simple, but INSANELY useful.

IMHO, it’s either this, or having to answer an avalanche on Help Desk calls on “Why can’t I send/receive emails” and the like. Think about the consequences for: First line help desk costs and excessive load (esp when you outsource), End user experience/frustration, pressure on IT department.

Let me know what useful notification scenarios you come up with!


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