Impress your users with an animated logon page in VMware Identity Manager!

Friday is here! First, credit goes to where credit is due – to my UK colleagues. Subscribe to their Twitter and blog – they are useful, and they don’t spam nonsense!

Now, let’s figure out why it didn’t work for the first time…

Making it happen

First, go to VIDM Management Console -> Identity and Access Management -> [Setup] -> Custom Branding.

VIDM Management Console -> Identity and Access Management -> [Setup] -> Custom Branding

Then upload the background image. …Except that the upload dialog doesn’t take the animated GIFs!

>>  upload a JPEG or PNG image

So, what we need is called APNG – animated PNG. There is a lot of resources that allow converting multiple images, animated GIFs or even MP4 or YouTube videos to APNGs. Here’s the one I’ve used: EzGIF.

After converting your favorite flick, ensure to check the size – in my experiments one of the files was 56MB large (for a 10-second clip)! Once happy – upload the PNG file to the VIDM.

If your animations fits – the preview will be animated. If the preview is still – something about your file is wrong.

Also note that not every browser supports APNG. I’ve tested latest Chrome and Firefox – they work.

Animated VIDM login page

That is basically it. You can see the examples (no guarantee that they’ll stay, though):


You can now build snazzy Workspace ONE demos and blow your customers away with the awesome visuals! Go for it! Happy Friday! 🙂


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