WING5 CLI Tip: Running config at-a-glance

Often you have to deal with existing AP/Controller and need to understand what’s configured on it. Of course, you can click 100500 times in the GUI all over the place, or read through 20+ pages of “show run” output (those who’ve been to my WING5 training should remember the little space-bar-thrashing exercise). For instance, the full config dump for the WING5 class is about 21KB ~= 29 pages.

Or you can do this to quickly :

mywing5device>sh run | include ^\\w

and get this:

version 2.1
ip access-list fw-acl-full
ip access-list fw-acl-limited
ip access-list fw-acl-verylimited
mac access-list 12-block-mint
mac access-list PERMIT-ARP-AND-IPv4
mac access-list l2-block-mint
firewall-policy default
firewall-policy lab-fw-wips
role-policy lab-rolepol
mint-policy global-default
wlan-qos-policy default
radio-qos-policy default
aaa-policy lab-aaapol
captive-portal lab-hotspot
wlan team6-eap
wlan team6-hotspot
wlan team6-psk1
wlan team6-psk2
smart-rf-policy lab-smartrf
wips-policy lab-wips-basic
advanced-wips-policy lab-wips-adv
auto-provisioning-policy lab-autopolicy
radius-group radgroup-fullusers
radius-group radgrp-hotspot
radius-user-pool-policy lab-radpool
radius-server-policy lab-radius
dhcp-server-policy ADSPLAB
dhcp-server-policy RFS2
management-policy default
management-policy lab-mgmt
l2tpv3 policy default
profile rfs4000 default-rfs4000
profile rfs4000 lab-rfs4000
profile ap71xx lab-7131
profile ap650 default-ap650
profile ap650 lab-ap650
profile ap6521 lab-6521
profile ap621 lab-621
rf-domain default
rf-domain lab-rfdomain
rfs4000 5C-0E-8B-1B-9B-44
ap650 5C-0E-8B-98-C5-44
ap6521 5C-0E-8B-E8-31-68
ap621 5C-0E-8B-97-C2-48
ap621 5C-0E-8B-97-DA-AA

Now you can see all the configured rf-domains, profiles, policies, ACLs, WLANs, devices etc in a nice quick overview.

Since WiNG5 controller contains the configuration for the entire network this thing can be very helpful – try fishing this out of the full dump when you have several hundred sites and thousands of devices!

<IMHO>Overall, the way the distributed configuration and reporting is implemented in WiNG5, and how many cool shortcuts and features are available for mass management/deployment/troubleshooting, deserves a dedicated series of articles. After I really don’t want to go back to previous generation UIs</IMHO>

So, what really happened?

show run… |include <regexp> only shows lines that include regexp.

The config (i.e. “pure” show run) looks like this (note the indentations):

! <header>
<section X>
<section Y>

Thus, essentially, we need to only show the lines that don’t have space or ‘!’ at the beginning to get all the section names. Alternatively, we could just say, that the line should begin with a letter.

The regexp for “letter” is ‘\w‘. The regexp for “line begins with” is ‘^‘. Thus we get ‘^\w‘ –  “begins with a letter“. However, because we’re using a backslash in the CLI, we need to escape it with another backslash, hence ‘^\\w‘. This is it!

P.S. Two pages on text to describe a one-liner… Was there a shorter way? What do you think?


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