On the CS3070 scanner

I’ve received a new shipment of goods for training today (yay, lots of Android gear and some WLAN stuff!), and was inventorying it as usual.


However, this time I decided to test out the CS3070 bluetooth scanner I had. It’s a pretty small-sized 1D scanner that pairs over BT with phone or PC (I used the PC) or can work in batch mode (scan the barcodes, connects to PC, downloads a text file as if from the USB stick).


  • Mini-USB connector (would prefer Micro-USB)
  • Cannot cradle the scanner, w/o removing the plastic lanyard cap at the bottom end of the scanner. As a result, I can’t remember already, where mine is. 😦
  • Sometimes I have to re-pair it over BT after extensive sleep periods
  • In order to use batch mode, one has to disable BT, which causes loss of all pairing data
  • If the device is paired is USB HID (keyboard), must have a barcode sheet ready to enter the PIN codes. This is not really major, as one comes along with scanner in the Quick Start Guide (and e-version is available on the support site as well, of course), but I would prefer pairing w/o having to scan a PIN at all. Surprisingly, one can pull such a trick on WinXP or some phones, but not on Win7 I was using. Blame Microsoft? 🙂


  • Tiny, compact, cool looking and scans really well!(and trust me, I’ve seen crappy scanners, including some from Motorola).
    • I was able to scan some very tiny and pretty dense barcodes with serial numbers, that were located in battery compartments on my devices.
    • Some of those tiny barcodes were on glossy surfaces, which are almost impossible to scan with phone cameras or some imager scanner – no problems here
    • I tried to illustrate this with a quick snap below. Note how tiny the barcode is, and how glossy the surface is. My phone camera couldn’t even focus properly.


    • Scans trough film. Some laser-based scanner really struggle when the barcode is under shrink wrap or an object is just in a plastic bag. Uneven surface of plastic film distorts the laser beams and causes all sort of havok – not here. I was able to scan AP MAC addresses w/o even unbagging the APs (I will test them later. And no, I don’t trust the labels on the box).
  • Charges from USB and can scan while connected over USB
  • Variety of scan settings and modes (including BT modes)
  • Re-pairing is very quick using a dedicated button (offsets the sleep connection loss problem a little).
  • Overall good look and feel, including good audio and visual feedback.
  • Oh, did I mention it scans exceptionally well?

So, overall, I was pleasantly surprised seeing such level of performance from such a tiny and inexpensive (compared to other Motorola models and the DS9898 I was usually using) scanner. I think I will be using the CS3070 a lot more, esp with my phone and tablet, so I don’t have to carry the laptop and the wired DS9808 around as much. Hope we’ll see someday an imager-based version (so it could scan 2D codes, such as QR-code and Datamatrix) with the same level of performance (and as fancy as the new Blade :))!


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